Ball point needles are especially adapted for the use of knit fabrics, mesh fabrics, lace, hosiery and elastic materials. These ball points can be made into any kind of needle upon your request. There are four kinds of ball point such as the J, B, U, and Y in orange needles. In general, the B ball point is frequently used.

If you find that fabric yarns are cut and that stretched seams sewed with the normal type of needle, the ORANGE BALL POINT NEEDLE or the SPECIAL NEEDLE FOR KNIT FABRIC, make bigger stitch holes must be used. Select the suitable needle in the following sequence.

  1. First sew with a standard size number suitable for knit fabric and determine which type of ball point is the most suitable.
  2. In case it does not go well even with that, try to use a thinner needle by one size number, when using the needle, the strength of the needles must be taken into consideration.
  3. If a ball point needle cannot resolve the sewing problems or if a thinner needle cannot be used, we recommend you to use our special needle for knit fabric (KN Type Needle). For further details, please refer to "KNITTED FABRICS SEWING".

The General use and longitudinal section of different ball type needles are
    as follows.
J Suitable for common knit fabrics and can be used for most of the knit fabrics for ladies', gentlemen's and children's clothing.
B Effective for knit fabrics of relativity coarse gauges such as mesh fabrics.
U Suitable for brassieres, girdles, etc... made od electric materials such as rubber, spandex, etc...
Y Same as the U Type