In high speed sewing of synthetic fibers, the melting trouble often occurs because of their lo melting point of 230~260°C approximately. To cope with such trouble it is recommended to use SUPER-FINISHED NEEDLES (Sometimes called "LO-TEMP FINISHED" needles or "BLUKOLD NEEDLE" or "PH-TE-NEEDLE"), especially made by coating phosphate and fluor resin based materials on the needle surface. Thanks to the low friction-coefficient and in adhesive surface property of the above coating, the remarkable advantages to reduce the 'needle heat' and to prevent the clogging of the needle eye from melting residues of synthetic fibers are gained.

Consequently you can enjoy speeding-up sewing by more than 1,000 s.p.m. in comparison with conventional needles. Besides, the point of these needles is generally shaped in a ball to avoid cutting of fibers. For your reference, their black (bottom) and green (top) surface color does not stain the sewing material. This SUPER FINISHED treatment can be applied on any type of needles according to your request.

Super-finished needle Chromium-plated needle