We possess Lock Stitch, Double Chain Stitch, Interlock, Button Sewing Machine and 16 new sewing machines.
Through sewing test about finished products and new needles, analyze products' quality about sewing of functions and consign or not, Moreover, make customers' satisfaction maximize according to sewing test for the needles that are unsatisfied with customers analyzing factors and working out a countermeasure.


After sewing test of finished products, decide and notify deliver goods from a warehouse yes or not.
After sewing test of normal needles, inferior needles, and imported needles, study improvement's way for products.
After various sewing test of needles that are unsatisfied with customers, find out solution and analyze a factor.
Analysis data for result of sewing test and manage statistics.
According to sewing function, draw up and brief on quality analysis for estimation.
Through sewing test of new needles and testing needles, studying improvement's way for products.
Enforce education of sewing in the inside and outside of the firm.
Collect apply materials about sewing which of sewing machine, textile and sewing thread.
Thread Breakage Tester
Abrasion Tester
Impact Tester
Various new style of sewing machine, etc.