Technical Laboratory, which consists of Automatic Laboratory, Metallic Laboratory and Product Laboratory, adopts advanced technology and accumulates skills through research and development of our lab.
And develop gratify product that is satisfied with the inside and outside of the country people, through quality improvement, accomplish a role.


Automatic Laboratory
Develop new facilities and improve the existing facilities.
Automatize the existing facilities. Also develop and improvement frames and tools.
Research and improvement productive skill.
Maintain and mend manufacturing facilities and construction facilities.
Increase and introduce the inside and outside of the country's new facilities and technology.
Develop 3d molding and apply product.
Improve and develop principal articles of consumption in the progress of work.
Metallic Laboratory
Improve facilities and heating operation conditions.
Improve facilities and plating operation conditions.
Improve work about chemistry and metal.
Improve work of surface treatment and chemical grinding.
Improve principal articles of consumption, administer and maintain equipment.
Consider plan for improvement, and analyze mechanical character of products.
Product Laboratory
Development and design new products, and analysis imported needles' quality.
Quickly handling products' dissatisfaction of customers that lives domestic and foreign country. (A/S system)
Analyze quality of products and set up data base of materials.
According to new products' specific, analyze efficiency and examination.
Investigate and reform inferior causes in steps for reforming progress.
Develop and adopt new method of construction for improving productivity.
Utilize and collect information that is new advanced the inside and outside of the country's skill.
UTM, Plating Measuring Instrument, Metal Microscope, Vickers Hardness Testing Machine,
Automatic Elastic Measurement System, 3D-CAD System, Tri-view Microscope, PILOT Facilities for Heat treatment and Plating, Metal Organization Analyzer, etc.